The history of UO and the rise of UO Gold told through a friend

With UO Gold being at an all time high, Maximo decided to write about UO gold back when UO first started, and how UO Gold has evolved over the course of UO. The need for UO Gold has never been greater with single items fetching billions of gold, and many items residing in the hundreds of millions of Ultima Online gold range. This is a vast departure from when 60K was seen as unusable wealth. Oh times of changed for our UO Gold and the players that utilize it.

Ultima Online was the idea of Richard Garriott, who wanted to create a game with the capability of thousands of players sharing a fantasy world. Later, other parties became involved including Rick Delashmit, Starr Long, and Raph Koster; this was the initial team that created Ultima Online and UO gold. The idea was hatched in 1995, where the team began developing UO items that are still in the game today. Released in 1996, the game was a huge success, ultimately reaching membership numbers of 250,000. These subscribers pay a monthly fee to be a part of this magical world, where UO items are purchased with UO gold and there is no restriction on player-versus-player combat. This world’s main features are skill-based character progression, persistent player housing, and a crafting and play-driven economy; based on UO gold.

City Loyalty Ratings Explained

For each city, each player character has individual ratings for Love, Hate, and Neutrality. These values are numeric and the raw values are not displayed.

Boat PVP - High Seas Adventure - Ultima Online

The developers got together a few people to test out boat PVP. Best part is watching yall raid our ship after we all left...good thing it was test and resources were in abundance! It was funny to see the conversations on the ghost ship while we were backed up from ya! We did have an advantage, we have been playing together as a group for years!!

Lobster Fishing - Adventures on the High Seas Beta - Ultima Online

With the Adventures on the High Seas booster you can now use lobster traps to catch sea creatures. Here is a video showing what it looks like. That boat looks awesome.

Dock Town - Adventures on the High Seas Beta - Ultima Online

Here is a clip from the beta expansion for Ultima Online. This update was needed. It added GM for fishing, fixed boating animations that were choppy since they were introduced, etc.

High Seas in Ultima Online

High Seas Publish Notes for Test Center

• You will get a message that you can not do that if you are trying to board a legacy ship while mouse controlling one of the new ships.

• Lava lobster traps will no longer revert to a regular lobster trap when removed from the lava.

• Hidden players will now be revealed when placing or retrieving lobster traps.

• Dockmasters will now spawn crates equal to your boat’s hold size.

• Gargoyle boat has 140K durability

• Tokuno Boat moves faster than other boat types when damaged

Publish 65

Publish 65 Notes

Mysticism Revamp

Ultima Online Fan Site

We are currently working on a new release of the popular fan site "UO Ledger". We are working hard to provide you with all of the ultima online upgrades and expansion news. We have a team dedicated to shard events, player relations, and more.

UO Ledger Testing Grounds

Some people have a childhood garden
Filled with green and growing things
Some people have a childhood garden
Filled with purple peonies
Mine is sere
Throughout the year
Nothing grows here

Some people have a childhood rainbow
A sea of colors all aglow
Some people have a childhood rainbow
Red to violet in a row
Mine is gray
Bow of clay
Without a ray

Some people have a childhood temple
Covered with a million treasured dreams
Some people have a childhood temple
A sunny Wat of Gods and kings
Mine is plain
Squats in the rain
Functional 'n sane

Where childhood memories abound
Life flows vividly around
Where childhood memories have fled
Hearts lie dead

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